Sunday, November 26, 2006

USC's Dirty Legacy

USC success intricately linked to corruption

With USC posed for a shot at its second National Championship since the 1970's, now is a good time to examine the legacy of this "dynasty" and ask how it arrived where it is today. Much is made about the recent University of Miami fight. People call them the dirtiest team in the land because of an on the field brawl. Many people have said that the fight has been the powder keg that set off the firing of Larry Coker. And while the fighting is a blemish onto the game, a worse blemish is found in Southern California. There a team is alleged to have deliberately and blatantly broken the most important NCAA regulations, and in doing so, received a huge advantage over other teams. Fighting mars the reputation of the players and teams involved. Cheating the way USC is alleged to have cheated puts the entire question of college football legitimacy in the air. If any team is allowed to cheat and gain an advantge as USC is alleged to have done for the past three years, do any of the results of college football mean a thing?

According to Yahoo! Sports, there is evidence that shows known agents given access to the USC locker room and on the sidelines of their practices. There, the agents were given free range to meet with players and recruits. And this possibly is how the agents were able to make relationships with the players and future players, relationships that would end in seeing at least hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts given to the players. For more, see this link.

When the vast majority of schools abide by the rules, how can they expect to compete in recruiting against USC when agents throw millions in gifts and cash at the players? The simple answer is they can't. And USC fans will respond to this by saying that cheating goes on at every school. Isn't that the excuse of every guilty criminal? "Everyone else was doing it, so why can't I?" So there is not even denial. But everyone is NOT doing it.

We also know that Barry Bonds' former doctor is the father of two former USC players, one of whom tested positive for steroids. Rather than come out with the truth, the word coming out of USC to the public was that the guilty party was "retiring to go to medical school." Fortunately for the football public, a source leaked the information and we became aware of it. But it's pretty clear that with the way USC handled it in the press, if it was up to them and all USC corruption would be swept under the carpet. See this source and then the story breaking in this link.

What about recruiting alleged criminals? Carroll recruited Colorado State lineman Frostee Rucker after he was kicked out of CSU for allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman and indecent exposure. An easily forgivable offense, right? It has been exposed that Rucker allegedly assaulted another girl, while at USC, in August of 2005. The truly shocking part of this is he did not miss one single game at USC. He kept playing for the Trojans. The story only came to light in April of 2006, after his eligiblity at USC was up. That's a remarkable coincidence, is it not?

Then there's USC's star player receiving over $18,000 in cash from a USC booster, who happened to be another player's dad. The NCAA somehow did not find fault with this and gave not a game of punishment to the player or program. All the player had to do was pay $5500 to charity by the end of this season. Where this money will come from, from a player who doesn't have a job and whose mom makes minimum wage, that's anybody's guess. What is the penalty if he doesn't pay the money to the charity? You say he could just spend some of the 18,000 he received, but he has already spent all that (and probably more unaccounted) money. What message does the NCAA's ruling send out here? Recruit rich players. Have those players parents' entice star recruits with "loans" to be repaid when they make it big in the NFL.

USC has had a great run the past 4 years. Their winning streak from 2003-2005 was 34, the same number U Miami had from 2000-2002. They won their first National Championship in 27 years in 2004, though that is now in question. 3 Heisman Trophy winners.

But does any of this matter if they cheated to achieve it? If you've cheated, have you really won anything?


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night, in a comment that reconfirmed my hostility to the BEHOMOTH that is ESPN I heard Kirk Herbstreit say that LSU and/or Florida (or anybody for that matter) did not belong in the Rose Bowl because, and I paraphrase, "tradition, Knute Rockne in 1925, and all that"...

These self -styled KING-MAKERS have been successful in annoiting themselves as THE de-facto college football elite. They decide who goes where. They interpret and spin the results every Saturday and tell us essentially, "who are ya gonna believe, US-the football intelligentsia, or your lying eyes"...

The American ideal of merit is kicked to the curb, and replaced with a ruling elite that decides for us.

Last night, ESPN informed us of exactly how they intend to influence the bowl committees, sports writers, etc. Implicit in their message is that they are somehow uniquely qualified to select these matchups. The whole thing reeks of favoritism and corruption. It makes me sick.

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand what you're so pissed off about. Rose Bowl has always been about pac 10 / big 10. You seriously need some therapy to cope with your inferiority complex among other things. Wouldn't you rather go to the Sugar Bowl anyway?

At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not like you've been to many of those either.

At 3:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LSU has been to the Sugar Bowl more than any other school in the nation.

Sugar Bowl is equivalent to the Rose, except the Rose is in a media center and involves the Big 10, which is filled with powerful schools in the CFB media, so the Rose always gets more play. But as for quality of teams playing in the bowls, they are equal over the years.

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

but how many have they won?

At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

poor LSU has a lot of issues. Go have fun at Mardi Gras and forget about it.

At 2:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Southern Californian, I hate U$C and everything about that school. They are overrated and this year we proved it. GO BRUINS!!

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL at the phone call between Pete Carroll, Joe McKnight, and Reggie Bush!!!!! USC is getting the death penalty!

PC - Okay, Joe, I just put Reggie on the phone. Hey dog, how you doing?
RB - Oh, hey you old snake in the grass. You still pork ing that fat girl?
PC - Yeah, yeah... you know, your momma still sucks it pretty hard! Hey, enough of this chit-chat. Let's get to what we're here for. You still there, Joe?
JM - Yeah, uh, what ya'll tawlki' 'bout?
PC - Oh, just shower talk.. Hey, Reg, Joe was really concerned that we're facing some NCAA sanctions and I was hoping you'd tell how things work around here.
RB - Sure, boss - Hey there, Joe. Nice to hear you. How things going for you?
JM - Hey, Reggie! Wow, it sure is good to talk to you, man. I'm a big fan!
RB - Of course you are, you silly beatch. Look here. Coach Pete - man, he'll hook you up. He's been down the road, dude and he's got it down, you know what I mean?
JM - Ugh, no, not really.
RB - Look here, you dumb hick. Get with the program. You gonna' stay in Hurricane Alley where your momma and daddy can see you, or areyou going to come to the bright lights and big city of LA where EVERYBODY sees you all over the country.
JM - I think everybody will see me just fine at LSU.
RB - Man, you trippin' or what? Every camera in the world comes through LA. You think people want to lug their lazy aszez down to the bayou? NO! That's why Pete and these other guys, you see, they got a program all lined out for you AND your family.
JM - Like what?
RB - What? Are you deaf, dumb and blind, too? Haven't you seen me with this bling in my ears for a while? You think my mommy and daddy went down to Tiffanies and put these on lay-a-way? Hell, no.! Man, I had guys lining up to give me bling. That's what's happening, Bro.
JM - But, what about the rules?
PC - Joe, there are no rules against wearing earrings on my team. You can wear any size you want, as long as it's at least a carat on each ear, okay? Just kidding... no really.. we have an image to uphold, so no less than a carat, okay?
RB - You listen to him, Joe. He knows the scoop.
JM - But I really wanted my mom to be able to see me play and I don't think in Louisiana they show too many USC games on Saturday. Dat's real impotent to me.
PC - Well, actually, we have ways of making that work for you.
JM - How's dat?
PC - I'll just let Reggie tell you, Reg?
RB - Dog, I feel you, know? But, hey, we're going to be good friends, so I don't mind letting you cop a feel for what its all about. Okay, you want a taste of this?
JM - Huh?
RB - Okay, it's like this, see. Coach Pete, he lets these agents come see you, and..
JM - I thought that was against the rules.
RB - Nah! It's like totally cool and once you're locked in, these guys hold all the strings. Money, cars, houses, girls. Dude, stop for a minute and THINK! Do you want to stay home or do you want to LIVE?
PC - All right, all right, Reggie. Joe knows deep in his heart that he wants to, no needs to get away, to forget all of these people, friends and universities that have given so much and continue to give so much to help all of the unfortunate people out. Heck, he's one of them who needed and got help. But was it enough, joe? Did they step in and get you a new house or a trailer? Did they give you tens of thousands to spend? No. But, well, I'll just let Reggie tell you.
RB - Okay, Joe. Up and Up, clear? There ain't gonna be no sanctions, no how, no way, never will. Same will go with you. Why, when you become a Man of Troy, you own college football. NCAA? Puleeeze? We own THEM! We're Hollywood, baby! Tinseltown and it ain't comin' down, you hear me? We ARE the biggest, baddest money making arm of the NCAA. If we don't exist out there for all of the movie stars and real estate moguls, then all that glitter and glamour of college football goes away and do you know where it goes?
JM - No, where?
RB - To the swamps, baby. To the swamps. And ain't no way those cameras gonna follow you trudging through those swamps. They don't want it, so they look the other way. JM - So what about my family?
PC - Joe, we will take care of your family. You will have every opportunity to meet people who will help your family find jobs, good paying jobs where your momma only has to say she showed up. That sound good to you?
RB - Dude, you will learn a lot about how to handle money, okay? So chill out, Dude. The best is yet to come and you can't get caught. Even if you do, they gonna' look the other way. I promise.
JM - Well, okay. It sounds pretty good. I guess I'm in.
RB - Don't you worry. We're going to be pals. Heck, it'll only be a few years and I'll be back out there in LA when the Saints move.
JM - The Saints are moving?
RB - Yeah, it was part of the deal with Benson and Houston. A lot of money being tossed around out there to make things happen right, boy. You think Houston would have just passed on me otherwise? Ha!
PC - Okay, look guys, I gotta go, but Joe, are we on? Can you do this?
JM - Okay, Coach. I'm your n*%#ger.
RB - Attaboy!!
JM - I gotta go too. See you guys later. Hangs Up.
PC - Oh, he ll. I forgot to tell him what to say tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be okay. Talk to later.
RB - OK, later.

At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mcknight wanted to go to usc for TRADITION and ACADEMICS. Two things lsu is laughed at for by everybody else. Poor tiggers. You can't even keep your best players in that shithole, but you can't blame them for wanting to get out, can you?

I wanted to move out of the armpit of America- Louisiana native, Joe McKnight.

I grew up on SC football.- Louisiana native, John David Booty.


At 12:07 AM, Anonymous pablothebruin said...

Hey, you guys are doing a great job exposing what is wrong in college football and the quinessential example...USC! Ever consider doing a tally of the many indescretions of USC players over the past five years. I live in So.Cal but I lost count. Besides, the local media is in bed with 'sc.


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