Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Steroid USCandal Style

U$C has been known as the Barry Bonds of college football for some time now thanks to a string of scandals. But it now comes to pass that there may be a connection between USC players and the steroid investigation with Barry Bonds.

Last week USC Brandon Ting and his brother Ryan both said they were quiting the team to focus on academics. Today the LA Times has followed the LSUoverUSC Blog and revealed that USC starter Brandon Ting tested positive for steroids last January. Their father, Dr. Arthur Ting, is a prominent Bay Area physician who treated Barry Bonds for his knee injury in 2005. This could have huge implications in the Barry Bonds case, as it shows that the Ting family had access to and used steroids. What the trickle down shall be for baseball remains to be seen. How many other USC players took the drugs and have gone undetected or unpublished is also unknown at this point.

So this leaves the average college football fan left to wonder just how deep and how wide is the corruption at USC? It has gone beyond the point of a couple of minor incidents, and now certainly shows that there has been zero institutional control in the program for the past four years. .

Scandal after scandal, Baghdad Pete continues to pronounce innocence. Baghdad Pete isn't the only one saying this. One USC alum has also been defending the practices of the program:

And the scandals at U$C keep coming.