Monday, June 06, 2011

Correcting history

Now that the truth of USC's past has come into the light of justice, it's time that the college football public begin to reassess the last decade. When Pete Carroll was hired at USC, he was a career .500 head coach. After a typical .500 season his first year at USC, Baghdad Pete's teams exploded the next seven years to a near .900 record. At the time, the media and public assumed Pete had found his niche. Few questioned how such an average coach could become the Super Coach over night. As we recently discovered, the overnight transformation of USC under an average coach came not by miracle but by cheating. USC players under Pete Carroll used steroids and were lured by the prospect of getting free money from agents, just as Reggie Bush. Now the dramatic leap from .500 is a lot more comprehensible, and the world knows that the success USC had under Pete Carroll was directly linked to a culture of corruption and an atmosphere of cheating. Cheating may pay off in the short term, but long term, truth gets the best of cheating.

Now the question becomes, Should Auburn be awarded the 2004 National Championship? Former coach, Tommy Tubberville, thinks so.