Sunday, May 30, 2010

Justice is late but soon to arrive for USC

According to several sources, the NCAA will punish USC for being the most corrupt program in recent NCAA history come this Friday. Rumors swirl as to what the punishment will be, but our sources tell us it will be severe. I believe USC will lose five or six scholarships for the next four years, be bowl ineligible for two years, and be forced to forfeit all games from November 2004 to January 2006. That would mean USC is forced to forfeit 18 games, 17 of which were victories, all as a result of cheating. USC's final composite record during the 2000s decade would be 85-42, for a 67% winning percentage.

The BCS has already written new rules to accommodate the corruption at USC, writing in 2007 a provision that allows the BCS to vacate a national championship if a winning team has been proved to have major NCAA violations. It's clear that USC will soon be the first to experience this justice.

The end result is leaving USC as a program in shambles that hasn't won a national championship since Jimmy Carter was president.