Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finally Official: USC's 2004 NC Vacated

U$C, with their hubris and arrogance, appealed to the NCAA last Fall, stating that the NCAA sanctions, which included post-season bans, massive scholarship reductions, and forfeiture of wins during 2004 and 2005, including the 2004 NC, were excessive. The NCAA laughed at USC. After years of allowing players to receive money from agents and boosters, and more recently, years of stonewalling the NCAA investigation, justice has come for the U$Cheaters. It is OFFICIAL! All sanctions were upheld, and U$C will be forced to vacate its only National Championship since the 1970s! 3 Pete? No. 2 Pete? No. 1 Pete? NO PETE!!!!

Read all about it in the LA Times!
And if you please, here is the official NCAA announcment.

I guess Baghdad Pete da Cheat, who promised USC faithful that the NCAA would find nothing when the investigation began five years ago, made a pretty good choice when he bolted for the NFL just weeks before the NCAA sanctions hit.