Sunday, April 30, 2006

Apartmentgate: Do you have 10 grand to spare?

In USC's scandal du jour, The L.A. Times reports that USC receiver Dwayne Jarrett received benefits from a USC booster (Matt Lienart's father) in the amount of $1300 each and every month for the past year. The money supposedly went to pay for a super-luxurious apartment in Los Angeles.

Unlike Reggie's parents, Matt's dad has the "checks and money orders to prove it." At least the NCAA won't have to waste its resources looking.

Needless to say, USC fans are already defending this situation, saying that it's ordinary for a parent to give his son's friends over $10,000. The LSUoverUSC Blog team is sympathetic to these excuses. After all, it is California, where security guards can afford to live in $800,000 houses.

"Dwayne, My dad says, 'Shake it like a piggy bank.'"

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Letter alludes that USC knew about $100,000 payments

The lawyer of Michael Michaels released a letter written in February to David Cornwell, Reggie Bush's lawyer. A segment of this letter reads: "Please advise if it is your intention to involve the University in these settlement negotiations. We would not object to their participation as we understand their wanting to be involved due to the fact this matter was ongoing during their championship season of 2004 as well as the entire season of 2005, and any lawsuit filed might have an adverse effect on them." USC has refused comment.

It would seem now much more likely that USC had a sure awareness of this situation and did nothing about it. The payments themselves are the NCAA violation that could forfeit USC of its 2004 and 2005 seasons. The knowledge of the payments by USC could lead to future penalties, including probation or even the unlikely death penalty.

Friday, April 28, 2006

BCS head says revoking 2004 Championship possible

As the LSUoverUSC Blog team was the first to report, it is very much possible that USC will lose its only national championship since 1978. BCS administrator Mike Hancock was reported as saying, "This is the type of thing the BCS might have to look into if other governing bodies, the conference and the NCAA, take action."

Our first report centered on Housegate. Specifically, that Reggie Bush's family negotiated with agent Michael Michaels to move into a $757,000 house in San Diego owned by Michaels. Now, is reporting that Michaels gave $28,000 to Griffin to "clear up some debt."

So where has head coach Pete Carroll been for all of this? Finally, we were able to get a comment from him. "This process is like, 'You're guilty until proven innocent' " Carroll said, "because it goes to the media and it's splashed…. It surely gives everybody the impression, 'Oh no, it happened.' You'd think the facts would come out first."

Still, like Reggie on an ESPN interview, he doesn't answer the question. To quote philter, does he mean Reggie, Sanchez, or the 2003 season when the media gave a paper title to USC?

It keeps getting worse for USC.
3Pete? No.
RePete? No.
1Pete? Ummm, yes?
NoPete? Quite possible.

We will stay with all the stories. If you've enjoyed, or even hated, reading these reports, pass the site on to a friend.

NoPete USC: 2004 Championship to be stripped?

Kiss that Heisman goodbye. That's for sure. People had been wondering why Reggie's mom didn't provide those canceled checks for renting the $757,000 house. Lo and behold, shocking news broke today. Despite desperate USC attempts to show that Reggie's mom, a security guard, could and did afford living in the luxurious San Diego home, it has come out today through Yahoo! Sports that Reggie owes $54,000 for rent and another $250,000 for other gifts. Bush continues to deny all wrong doing, saying, "I know for a fact that everything is fine and this is all blown out of proportion."

The biggest part of this story, however, is that the lawyer of agent Michael Michaels alleges that Michaels became involved with the Bush family after LaMar Griffin and Lloyd Lake sought to establish New Era Sports & Entertainment – with Reggie Bush as a future client – in November 2004, prior to the Trojans winning that season's national championship. If true it would be probable that the NCAA strips USC of its only national championship since 1978. If that happens Auburn, Oklahoma, or no team could be named the 2004 champion.

Did agent Michael Michaels help pay for the crystal, Pete?

In other news, ESPN continues to portray Reggie as the victim throughout this story. If you have followed this story, ESPN has gone from failing to report the story for an entire day, giving Reggie a free pass on an interview, and continually stating that USC had no connection to this. Today, ESPN has come out with vicious language against the man who says Reggie and family stole tens of thousands of dollars from him. Instead of using language like "Man wants payment for his goods" ESPN ran the headline "Sources: Agent Attempts to Extort Reggie Bush." They have used the NFL's term and said Reggie is the "victim of threats." We all know why the NFL and ESPN are defending Reggie and attacking the possible real victims here: Reggie will make them lots more money with a clean image than with a dirty one.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

USC ID Scandal?

The LA Times reported the fake Arizona ID of 19 year old Mark Sanchez to get into an over 21 bar had the name Jordan Uttal on it. Interestingly enough, that same name was found on another USC player's MySpace account. The account belongs to current NFL player and former USC player Matt Grootegoed. Unfortunately, no one is allowed to enter the"The Jordan Uttal Fan Club."

One wonders how deep this ID scandal will run. The LSUoverUSC Blog team will keep you informed.

Trouble on the USC fan front

Long time USC homer and ABC broadcaster Keith Jackson officially retired today. Reasons for his retirement were senility, inability to translate action into words, and slurred speech. But we at the LSUoverUSC Blog have to question this move. It seems rather more than coincidental that this would happen amidst one of the largest college football program scandals of all-time. Could it be that Keith could no longer tolerate watching his beloved Trojan$ self destruct? First Housegate and now Dirty Sanchez.

In other news, life long USC supporter and friend of Pete Carroll, Snoop Dogg was arrested in London's Heathrow International Airport. First reports say that Snoop and his USC entourage hurled bottles of whisky and argued with staff at a duty free shop after being refused entry to a first-class lounge. In the end, seven London police officers were injured. Snoop, there must be another way to let off steam from your anger and disappointment at the train wreck that is the USC football program.

These are rough times for USC, but unlike ESPN and other large media outlets who have made it their business to promote USC instead of report on USC, we will keep you up to date on it all.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Play the Fall of Troy Game

As reported earlier, the Fall of Troy has begun. Those of us at the LSUoverUSC Blog had no idea the fall would be so rapid, however. It was reported earlier tonight by Yahoo! Sports that USC QB Mark Sanchez was arrested for sexual assault. ESPN, aka SCPN, and other major media outlets have been able to keep such stories under wraps until the Housegate scandal.

With these stories in mind, the LSUoverUSC Blog is commissioning the first ever "Name the Fall of Troy Contest." What we are asking readers to do is make up original, funny, witty, and entertaining three words from the abbreviation "USC."

Some examples are:
Undisciplined Sociopathic Criminals
Unmarked Suitcases of Cash
University of Subpoenaed Convicts

You get the idea. Now it's your turn to add your best ideas in the comment section. Best selections will appear on the site, and the winner will win an official LSUoverUSC Prize.

Exclusive LSUoverUSC Blog photo of Mark Sanchez being arrested outside of USC's stadium. He was attempting to scratch out "more than".

Where in the world is Mrs. Griffin San Diego?

One of the most interesting and entertaining elements of this story is the fact that Denise Griffin, Reggie Bush's mother, vacated the $757,000 house she was "leasing" from sports agent Michael Michaels the day after being questioned by a reporter from Yahoo! Sports. Not exactly what you would assume an innocent person does. Of course, that strange activity has given rise to many questions. One that seems not to be asked often is, Where is the world is Denise from San Diego? We ask this question because she will have all the receipts for rent that will clear the spotless names of Reggie Bush and USC. No one seems to know where she is living now. Reggie claims he tried to buy her another house, but couldn't afford it. Internet rumors about where she is have circulated. Some say she is staying in the nearest Holiday Inn Express. Others have speculated that she is staying in another secret house owned by a different sports agent.

We at the LSUoverUSC Blog find all such hearsay to be a sad commentary on the state of affairs in America. To clear things up, we sent out our top investigative team, and using the most up-to-date spy tactics, have ascertained where she is staying. As we reported on Sunday night shortly after she vacated her house, she was seen and photographed by the LSUoverUSC Blog team being picked up by an unknown man in a white Ford Bronco. While the identity of this man is as of now unknown, there were two decals on the back. One said, "USC alumni" and the other, "I didn't do it." Fortunately, our team followed the vehicle back to a house in Malibu.

We were unable to obtain from neighbors the name of the residency's owner. However, the neighbors said that there was a long-time houseguest staying there, and his name is "K." After further investigation, we have discovered that person to be none other than Kato Kaelin.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sworn testimony doesn't jibe with Reggie

Because a lot of USC fans read this blog, and they have trouble following difficult issues, I'm going to break this story down as simply as possible. Get ready to connect the dots.

On Dan Patrick's radio show today, it was revealed that there is sworn testimony that would lead one to believe Reggie Bush did know about the house in San Diego. New Era is the sports agency that casino man Michael Michaels (owner of the house Reggie's mom had been living in for the past year) and Lloyd Lake founded last year. In a trial involving Lloyd Lake, Lake was quoted as saying, "I had a sports agency that we had formed, and we had a guy in, Winston Justice, from USC. . . . Reggie Bush came into town. And at that time he was going to go out with us." You can read more specifics at ProFootball Talk.

So let's follow this line. Michaels and Lloyd establish a sports agency. They buy a $757,000 house in San Diego. New Era talks with Reggie (and fellow USC OL Winston Justice). Mrs. Griffin, Reggie's mom, engraves her name in the wet cement while the house is still being built (late 2004/early 2005). Lloyd testifies in a court that he had made a deal with Reggie Bush. Yahoo Sports reporter investigates the story. Reggie's mom moves out. Reggie denies knowing anything about this at all. And the rest is history. Reggie has at least one supporter outside of southern Cal.

"Reggie did not have relations with that man, Michael Michaels."

(Thanks to TTechRaider10 for editing the image of the Fall of Troy)

Today's Lucky Number: 5

Five is turning up everywhere we look in the Housegate scandal.

First, where were the Big Five sports reporting agencies -- ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, The Sporting News, and city papers (like the LA Times/NY Times/SD Union-Tribune) on this story? Their job is to report the news and to investigate. Yet they have grossly failed the public. Instead, we have Yahoo! Sports break the news. If you're not familiar with sports media, Yahoo is at the bottom of the totem poll in terms of resources. Were the big 5 totally enamored with USC, so much so that they failed to see the writing on the wall? Anyone who watched ESPN's Trey Wingo interview Bush yesterday saw a "reporter" who let Bush get away with lying and switched the conversation when it was apparent that Bush wouldn't answer the questions. A true reporter would have pressed on for the truth. The sports media has a responsibility and, except for little Yahoo Sports, failed the college football public.

If the LSUoverUSC Blog Team were to get an interview with Reggie Bush, we would ask him the following five questions and would not relent until we got answers:

1. Reggie, where are the cancelled checks for the house payments? We ask this because bringing these forward will clear everything up.
2. Why did your family move out immediately after your mom was questioned by the reporter? Most people believe innocent people don't run away from their houses. Yesterday on ESPN you said that she moved out because you were buying her a new house. But then you said that house was too expensive even for you. So if she doesn't have a new house, why did she move out of this one? Where is she living now?

3. Why did you avoid answering these questions and others on the ESPN interview yesterday?
4. How did your mother, a security guard, afford to live in a $757,000 house?
5. What is your relationship with Michael Michaels?

The LSUoverUSC Blog Team is going to do something it has never done before: give helpful advice to a USC player.

Reggie, the best thing for you to do is live up to your jersey's number and do what a President did after a similar scandal.

That's right, plead Da Fiiiiiiif!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Reggie Didn't Know!

According to an ESPN interview (today's video interview with Reggie blatantly lying is found here also) with Reggie Bush's lawyer, Reggie "did not know" that his mother was living in a new, $800,000 house.

To be fair to Reggie, nothing has been proved, but the fact that his mom high-tailed it out of the house like OJ in a white Ford Bronco and today's Troy Wingo interview did nothing to help his case. But like Steve Urkel, the "I didn't know/Did I do that?" defense will go no where in helping USC or his reputation. Even if Reggie did not know, USC is still culpable according to NCAA rules because if a player or player's family receives benefit, a violation has occurred.

But are we really to believe that for at least six months, Reggie had no idea where his mother was living? Did he never make the two hour trip from Los Angeles to visit his mother? Did he not send his mom a Christmas card? Did he not try to call her at the old number? Even a reporter from halfway across the nation knew where Mrs. Griffin was living.

Thanks to cracking reporting by the investigative team at The LSUoverUSC Blog, we've uncovered other things Reggie did not know.

That lateralling the ball in traffic is a bad idea.

The sporting agent Michael Michaels, the man who originally bought the San Diego house before Reggie's mom carved her name and year into the wet cement in front of the house, was covertly working for LSU. His codename was "Trojan Horse."

That LSU won the 2003 National Championship.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The $800,000 Bush House

Picture of the Bush Estate, taken just after vacating it.

Many of you have recently heard that an agent attempting to woo Reggie Bush provided his family in San Diego with an $800,000 home. The full article is found right hereYahoo Article. Apparently, the family moved in months ago, near the beginning of this past season. The house was bought and the title belonged to the agent, whom Push did not hire. The story gets interesting when a neighbor approached Push's mother. The neighbor asked her if she owned the house. The next day, the Push family had moved out of the house. All that was left in the house was an advertisement with the number 1-800-USC-ALUM and a guarantee of savings of 15% on next day moving services. Outside the house were skidmarks left by what scientists have determined was a white Ford Bronco.

The rumors circulating this story, one that ESPN refuses to delve into because of its attachment to USC and Push, could be devastating for USC. Not only might they be forced to forfeit all their 2005 games, but also the NCAA would certainly bring down justice with a mighty fist since this is as major a violation as they come. This will put the USC program back at least ten years. Furthermore, when the NCAA starts investigating, who knows what they will find. It is very possible that this loss of institutional control could extend beyond last year and carry over several years. If that is the case, USC might be forced to forfeit its only championship in the past three decades (2004).

Reggie Bush defending his mom for moving out of their house. "There was a guy asking if she owned it. She took it to mean there are aliens coming to obliterate the house. And so, she left." Notice his matching 5 carat diamond earrings, the same he wore during the Heisman awards.

Reggie's mom's wrote her name and year on the wet cement in front of her new house. It is said that World's Most Stupid Law Breakers: NCAA Edition is looking into buying this amazing artifact.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Funny USC Pictures

USC fans celebrate their trip to the National Championship Game being held in the 2003 Sugar Bowl. *Correction* Because USC lost to an unranked, six loss team and played only one top 25 opponent during the entire season, they failed to earn a spot in the National Championship Game.

More Trojan tomfoolery.

Class act Matt Lienert wears on public interviews a shirt that reads "F*CK The BCS" after USC failed to earn a berth in the National Championship Game. Oddly enough, Matt would later praise the BCS when USC got a spot in the 2004 National Championship Game and undefeated SEC power Auburn was left out. The next year after losing to Texas, Matt would insist, "We're still the better team."