Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yet another U$Candal

For the 11th time in three years, a U$C player has been arrested and charged with a serious offense. It is reported that U$C defensive lineman Frostee Rucker allegedly seriously beat his girlfriend twice and then defaced her apartment.

Frostee practices his moves on the field for game time at home

Those who follow the corrupt program may already be thinking Rucker is no longer a U$C player. While that is true, these incidents all occurred in August 2005.

In other news, the dirty recruiting department recently sent a letter to recruits stating that they will no longer be able to provide student athletes with one million dollar houses, free meals at one Greek restaurant, 5 karat diamond earrings, or be able to pay off parental debt. Nor will U$C boosters be allowed to pay the rent on $100,000/year luxury apartments. The letter mentions that increased scrutiny and an investigation by the NCAA have prompted these changes. Nonetheless, the letter does state that in honor of Frostee Rucker, recruits and players will receive a lifetime supply of Wendy's Frosty drinks.