Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Oklahoma State is more deserving than Alabama

The propaganda pushers at ESPN are at it again. They are trying to quell any talk about any team besides Alabama being allowed to play LSU in the National Championship Game. ESPN, of course, doesn't tell the viewers that two of the biggest pushers for this reasoning are Rece Davis and Brad Edwards, two Alabama alumni. Nor does ESPN put a disclaimer about Herbstreit's friendship with Nick Saban. Why is ESPN so afraid to open the discussion? Why should the public and the voters not look at the cases for both teams without preseason bias? If we did, we might see that Alabama's argument is a house built on cards. Alabama's "best win" in fact is a loss at home! ESPNers and Bama homeburgers don't want you to know that Bama struggled against FCS division Georgia Southern, giving up 21 points, 300+ yards on the ground, and Bama had to throw a pass TD with 1:00 left to pad the score.

Here are just a few of the reasons Alabama should not be given a free pass to the NC Game:

1) Alabama's high ranking now is largely the result of a preseason #2 ranking. Had Oklahoma State had the hype Alabama had surrounding it, Oklahoma State, based on that hype and its performance thus far, would be #2 in the voters' eyes.

2) Alabama already lost to LSU, at home no less. Why should Alabama get a second shot when there is a team that is just as deserving, but who hasn't had the chance to play LSU?

3) Allowing the SEC two teams in the National Championship Game opens the SEC to a pseudo-monopoly. We have little to judge the strength of the Big XII to the SEC other than a narrow win by the SEC's #3 team, Arkansas, over the Big XII's #7 team, Texas A&M. By giving Alabama a free trip to the NC Game, we have no idea if the Big XII's best could have defeated the SEC's best. The SEC has earned much respect based on prior results, but the SEC should not be given a monopoly. It would be bad for the competitiveness of college football.

4) Oklahoma State is a conference champion. Alabama did not even win its division, much less its conference. If Alabama wins, what a strange world it would be in a non-playoff system for a team that did not win its own conference to be national champion when at least three teams (Oklahoma State, VA Tech, and LSU) would have equal or superior records and actually did win their conferences.

5) 2006. Save for a last second drive amongst voters to ensure Michigan did not get a rematch against Ohio State, we would have ended 2006 with the belief that the Big 10 was the best conference in the land. Imagine if Florida did not get the chance to play in the NC Game. The world would have assumed Ohio State or Michigan was far and away the best team in the land. But look how Florida destroyed undefeated Ohio State. What if Oklahoma State is capable of doing the same to LSU, but is never given that chance? Again, Alabama had its chance. Oklahoma State has earned its chance to show the world what it is capable of doing.